Legal and Legislative Articles

In this section, you will find Legal and Legislative news and updates. We will be updating this regularly, adding important articles about Law and Legislation, pertaining to UFOLI and its members. The articles are sorted by date, newest first. As this section grows and articles get archived, you may search through them using the search field on the right column.

New Year, New Laws In New York

2019 will bring new changes to the employment law landscape in New York City and the state of New York. New York employers should be cognizant of these impending new laws, as well as laws that went into effect in 2018, to ensure compliance with changing obligations.    » read more

New Overtime Rules as of December, 31 2016

After checking with the NYS Department of Labor, we have come to the conclusion that the changes to the overtime rule went into effect on 31 Dec 2016. As reported, the changes to the overtime rule were slipped in and included as part of the rule changes increasing the NY minimum wage...    » read more

Lawsuit concerning 7-Eleven’s 2004 Franchise Agreements

A group of six franchisees affiliated with UFOLI have retained Einbinder Dunn & Goniea LLP (“EDG”) and filed a lawsuit concerning 7-Eleven’s interpretation of its 2004 Franchise Agreements (which many of you entered into).    » read more

Congress bills pending that would tax or regulate cigarettes

A few bills are pending in Congress that would tax or regulate cigarettes, OTP and e-cigs. The measures summarized here are those we should oppose.    » read more

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