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  Forward plan by supporting the expansion of three industry-leading high technology companies in the City of Rochester. The Governor will continue to strengthen the Mohawk Valley and Central New York as a hub of the drone industry. Also, the Governor will continue to support the Syracuse Surge by expanding the Tech Garden in Downtown Syracuse, a highly successful incubator of innovative companies.
• Fight for the Full Deductibility of State and Local Taxes: Governor Cuomo fought the federal tax bill every step of the way while it was under consideration in Congress. Washington's drastic curtailment of the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction was a financial attack on New Yorkers. New York passed the first property tax cap in history, and the Trump administration, in one swoop, raised our taxes to send more money to their politically favored states. Our Federal representatives must fight for us. The US Senate must overturn the SALT assault this year. We will continue to demand the unfair taxation stop, and that it stop now.
• Continuing Middle-Class Tax Cuts: Governor Cuomo will continue to lower Personal Income Tax rates for middle-class New Yorkers. In 2020, the third year of the multi-year tax cuts enacted in 2016, income tax rates have been lowered from 6.85 percent to 6.09 percent for taxpayers in the $40,000-$150,000 income bracket, and to 6.1 percent in the $150,000-$300,000 income bracket. These cuts are expected to save New Yorkers over $1.8 billion this year. Furthermore, income tax rates will continue to drop to 5.5 percent for taxpayers in the $26,000 to $150,000 tax bracket
and 6 percent in the $150,000- $300,000 bracket. When the cuts are fully phased in, middle-class taxpayers will have received an income tax rate cut up to 20 percent, amounting to a projected $4.2 billion in annual savings for six million filers by 2025. As the new rates phase in, they will be the State’s lowest middle-class tax rates in more than 70 years.
Supporting New York’s Agriculture Industry
Supporting New York’s Craft Beverage Industry
• Permitting the Sale of Alcohol in Movie Theaters: Governor Cuomo will propose to amend the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law to remove the requirement that movie theaters serve meals at tables to serve alcoholic beverages. Patrons will be allowed one alcoholic beverage per transaction so long as they have tickets to a movie rated PG-13 or higher. This proposal will create new revenue streams for movie theaters while saving them the need to make large capital investments in renovations that may not be in keeping with the traditional style of the theater building.
create the workforce for the future of the craft beverage industry in New York.
Rebuild a New NY
Investing in the MTA’s Capital Plan to Provide More Reliable and Accessible Public Transportation Downstate
• Building the Empire Station Complex: Governor Cuomo proposes redeveloping the full city block south of Penn Station to add rail capacity. This expansion would increase overall track capacity by nearly 40 percent by adding at least 8 new tracks to the existing 21 tracks, dramatically increase passenger terminal capacity, ease congestion with widened sidewalks and prominent subway entrances and add new development opportunities on adjoining parcels that will transform the area. As part of this plan, Governor Cuomo further proposes to explore acquiring the Madison Square Garden Theater to create a new 8th Avenue entrance to the existing Penn Station. Together, these actions will combine the Moynihan Train Hall, existing Penn Station and the block south of Penn into an interconnected Empire Station Complex.
Opportunity Agenda
Supporting New York Workers
• Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Working New Yorkers: To further empower New York’s low-wage workers and protect all consumers in the State, Governor Cuomo will ensure that all working New Yorkers have access to sick leave. Businesses with five to 99 employees will provide their employees at least five days of job-protected paid sick leave per year and businesses with 100
• Creating the
Workforce of the Future with a New Alcoholic Beverage License for Educational Institutions: Governor Cuomo proposes the creation of a post-secondary institution license under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, which would remove restrictions and reduce administrative burden. By allowing an educational institution the privilege of producing any alcoholic beverage under one license and allowing the institution the ability to retail their product under the same license, this proposal will help

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