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  employees or more will provide at least seven days of paid sick leave per year. Smaller businesses, with four or fewer employees, will guarantee five days of job-protected unpaid sick leave to their employees every year. Small businesses already providing paid sick leave will be able to do so.
• Protecting Gig Economy Workers: This year a significant percentage of the workforce will be in jobs related to the new “gig economy.” This emerging sector has spurred exciting consumer innovations, however, many of the gig economy workers are excluded from the unprecedented employee protections and rights New York has enacted because the law has not caught up with changes in the economy. To continue supporting the best workplaces for workers and employers, Governor Cuomo will introduce legislation to make sure all of New York’s workers receive basic employee protections and access to critical safety nets.
• Enacting Stronger Wage Lien Laws: New York has among the strongest
laws in the nation concerning wage theft. Often, judgments are difficult to collect when a worker has prevailed in court. The current laws create barriers in the enforcement of that judgment. A lien is a robust legal remedy that will allow a victim to ensure that a decision can ultimately be paid, before issuance of a judgment. This year, Governor Cuomo will propose legislation to ensure that in cases where a claim would not be collected, that a Judge could authorize the placement of a lien to ensure that victims can be made whole.
Expanding New York’s $175 Million Workforce Development Initiative to Meet Emerging Job Demand
• Launching the First-in-the-Nation Future of Work Centers: With unemployment at historic lows across many parts of New York, state employers are increasingly looking for more nimble ways to ensure they have employees with in-demand skills. Governor Cuomo will build on the success of the Northland Workforce Training Center in Buffalo and establish two nation-leading Future of Work Centers. This Future of Work Centers will partner with the private sector, community organizations and SUNY/CUNY to create new short-term, non-degree credential and micro-credential programs to quickly address employer skill needs, both for exist- ing workers as well as new workers.
Protecting Consumers
• Stopping Nuisance Robocalls: Governor Cuomo will propose nation-leading legislation to unmask and fight back against bad actors and their egregious practices of spoofing and robocalling. The legislation will require telephone providers to block robocalls or be
held responsible; require telephone providers to fully implement an industry-based call authentication protocol as soon as possible; and create new penalties against telecom companies that don’t comply and double penalties against robocallers for “Do Not Call” law violations.
Social Justice
• Legalizing Cannabis: Governor Cuomo proposes a comprehensive regulatory approach to legalize cannabis, creating a new Office of Cannabis Management to specialize in cannabis regulation – overseeing the medical, adult-use and hemp programs. The proposal will administer social equity licensing opportunities, develop an egalitarian adult-use market structure and facilitate market entry through access to capital, technical assistance and incubation of equity entrepreneurs. The proposal will also correct past harms to individuals and communities that have disproportionally been impacted by prohibition. To safe- guard public health, the proposal limits the sale of cannabis products to adults 21 and over and establishes stringent quality and safety controls including oversight over the packaging, labeling, advertising and testing of all cannabis products. These efforts will be done in coordination with neighboring states Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Governor will also propose creating a first of its kind Global Cannabis and Hemp Center for Science, Research and Education with SUNY and other expert partners.
Keeping New Yorkers Safe
• Combating Rising Hate and Division Passing the Hate Crime Anti-Terrorism Act: To address the disturbing number of anti-Semitic
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