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  ban all vaping-related ads targeted to youth; ban the sale of vaping carrier oils that include chemicals or ingredients that when inhaled through a vaping device are deemed to be dangerous and a significant public health risk; restrict the online, phone and mail order sale of e-liquids and e-cigarettes only to licensed vaping product retailers; end the sale of tobacco and e-cigarette products in pharmacies; and legislation to define indoor space and limit second hand smoke exposure.
Safeguard Our Democracy
• Implementing a System of Automatic Voter Registration: Although New Yorkers today are allowed to register to vote when interacting with State agencies, they must affirmatively ask to be registered. However, we should do more to increase participation in our democracy. Automatic voter registration will boost voter registration and turnout in this state and strengthen our democratic process. We will ensure that all automatic voter registration opportunities are available online
and we will enable New Yorkers to simply apply to register to vote on the State Board of Elections website if they choose to do so.
• Counting Every New Yorker in the 2020 Census: The State will provide grants to and work with more than 60 counties and local governments to identify “trusted voices” and not-for-profit organizations that can focus on engaging “hard to count” communities, including those with high immigrant populations, children under five years old and seniors. Throughout 2020, the State will also target funds specifically towards communities and populations that remain at risk for being undercounted.
• Requiring Public Officials to Disclose Their Tax Returns: Governor Cuomo will propose the “Nothing to Hide” law to make our government the most transparent in the nation. The law will require that the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, the Comptroller, every state commissioner and every Assembly Member and Senator make their tax returns public. Further, any elected official in the State who earns over $100,000 a year will have to do the same.
Regulatory Reform and Tax Relief Remain Top Priorities for 2020 Gov. Cuomo signed regulatory relief for small businesses as 2019 closed, which included small business tax cuts as a priority in 2020 agenda.
Tax Cuts for Small Businesses
On Jan. 8, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his 2020 State of the State address, revealing his 2020 agenda, “Making Progress Happen.”
In his address, the Governor announced a proposal to cut taxes for tens of thousands of small businesses across New York. NFIB’s New York State Director, Greg Biryla stated, “Governor Cuomo’s tenth State of the State address delivered big news for the small businesses that employ half our state’s workforce and serve as economic cornerstones for communities across New York. Small businesses are far more likely to reinvest new revenue into their operations, growth, and local economy.”
Regulatory Reform Signed Into Law Tops 2019 Victories
In the closing days of 2019 Governor Cuomo signed legislation long championed by NFIB that will provide a reprieve from punitive fines for small businesses that commit a first-time, minor regulatory violation provided the infraction is corrected within 15 days.
The Governor also vetoed a proposal that would allow property liens to be placed on small business owners at the mere allegation of a wage dispute. NFIB advocated tirelessly to see this bill vetoed.
What Small Business Regulations Are Most Burdensome?
The state’s regulatory environment is a patchwork of hundreds of thousands of rules, mandates, and directives administered and enforced by dozens of bureaucratic agencies and state entities. Making compliance easier for small businesses is essential, but so is understanding which regulations are most burdensome, redundant, or outdated so we can focus on cutting through the red tape that is truly holding your businesses back. The Empire Center for Public Policy, an independent, free market think tank that NFIB regularly
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