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7Rewards Loyalty Program Reaches 25 Million Members
December 11, 2019. 7-Eleven announced that it has reached 25 million loyalty members through its 7Rewards loyalty program. Since expanding its 7Rewards loyalty program two years ago, 7-Eleven has seen membership in the app-based platform almost triple (266%) from 9 million to 25 million members.
This explosive membership growth has translated to increased store visits and a larger, more loyal customer base for the world’s largest convenience retailer.
In 2019, 7-Eleven was awarded several awards for its loyalty program, including Loyalty360 Technology and Trends Platinum Award, The International Business ‘Gold Stevie’ Award for Integrated Mobile Experience and more. These annual awards recognize brands that are building stronger and deeper loyalty with their customers in a proactive, meaningful and measurable way.
7-Eleven Launches New Brand, Electronic Accessory Line
December 6, 2019. 7-Eleven is launching a line of electronic accessories to be sold under the new 24/7 LIFE by 7-Eleven brand, which will also include batteries, over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, paper goods, office supplies, wine accessories, travel-size toiletries and more.
Available 24/7 LIFE by 7-Eleven electronic accessories include wireless charging pads, speakers, sound pods and ear buds; power banks and a variety of chargers and cables; wired sports earbuds, phone mounts, adapters, tech organizers and screen cleaning kits.
Corporate Pilots Cashierless Store
7-Eleven tested its first cashier-less store concept among employees at its February 6, 2020 headquarters in Irving, Texas.
Shoppers will be able to check into the store through an app, shop, and exit. They will receive a detailed receipt upon the completed transaction. The company said a proprietary mixture of algorithms and predictive technology separate individual customers and their purchases from others.
Introducing new store technology to 7-Eleven employees first has proven to be a very productive way to test and learn before launching to a wider audience. They are honest and candid with their feedback, which enables us to learn and quickly
make adjustments to improve the experience. This in-house, custom-built technology by 7-Eleven engineers is designed for our current and future customers.
7-Eleven Expands Evolution Store Concept
February 28, 2020. 7-Eleven is expand- ing its Evolution Store concept to Washington D.C. and San Diego, Calif., following the successful open- ing of its beta store in Dallas last March. The Washington D.C. store is now open at 504 K St., and the San Diego store at 3504 El Cajon Blvd. will open in the coming months. 7-Eleven plans to continue to expand Evolution Stores across the country in 2020. These Evolution Stores serve as real-time experiential testing grounds where customers can try the retailer’s latest innovations in new store formats. Both stores include a Laredo Taco Company restaurant. The first Evolution Store exceeded the retailer’s expectations with enthusiastic reviews, crowds of customers and sales that continue to climb. Concepts that resonate with consumers are refined before being incorporated into the next generation of current and new store standards.
Laredo Taco Company is famous for its authentic tacos served on hand- made flour tortillas that are made from scratch in stores every day and fresh salsa bar with a wide selection of salsas and pico de gallo. Tacos and meals include specialties not always seen in quick-serve Mexican restaurants such as authentic barbacoa, chorizo, carne asada,
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