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Bean-to-Cup Coffee Buzz
February 7, 2020. Convenience store chains are realizing the benefits of bean-to-cup coffee dispensers that grind each cup to order as they look to emphasize their commitment to freshness, while also reducing labor and eliminating waste in the category.
Last year, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.’s Circle K convenience chain rolled out its bean-to-cup Coffee on Demand program to 90% of its over 5,650 corporate stores across the U.S. By December, more than 13,400 of the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus bean-to-cup machines had been placed in the stores.
Just as important as the actual freshness of each cup is the customer perception of freshness that bean-to-cup automatically lends to stores’ coffee offerings.
Circe K offers four core bean-to-cup coffee varieties as well as regional specialty blends. Limited time offers are also introduced throughout the year.
Brewed on Demand
Pilot Flying J, which has a network of more than 900 retail and fueling locations in 44 states and six Canadian provinces, first introduced bean-to-cup coffee in 2017 and now offers it in more than 80% of its Pilot and Flying J locations. The company is continuing to evaluate adding this offering to the remaining stores in its network.
Most locations have two or three bean-to-cup machines offering up to five core coffee varieties plus one or two limited-time seasonal offers.
Enthusiastic Customer Response
Des Moines, Iowa-based Kum & Go, which operates 400 c-stores in 11 states, has been featuring bean-to-cup coffee in its stores since the summer of 2017 and continuously receives
enthusiastic customer feedback on the program.
Today, Kum & Go stores offer between two and four Schaerer Coffee Art C bean-to-cup coffee machines and provide six different varieties of bean-to-cup coffee, including limited-time offers every three to four months.
Other advantages of the technology include reducing store complexity and labor in the coffee category.
The machines are very easy for store associates to maintain. Maintenance is also trackable, showing when the cleaning cycle has been completed. n
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that Mr. Trump risks undermining America’s role as guarantor of orderliness in global commerce. It may eventually lead to the demise of America’s financial hegemony, as other countries seek to dethrone its mighty currency.
Russia has also been busy de-dollariz- ing parts of its financial system. Since 2013 its central bank has cut the dollar share of its foreign- exchange reserves from over 40% to 24%. Since 2018 the bank’s holdings of American Treasury debt have fallen from nearly $100bn to under $10bn. Russia’s finance ministry recently announced plans to lower
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