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by Jack Rugen
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One of my childhood idols was Yogi Berra, star catcher of the New York Yankees. Yogi had a way of messing up the English language that would occasionally render a peculiar absurdity, profound. These yogi-isms, whether intentional or not, have become a sizeable amount of his legacy. One of those is the headline to this editorial.
After many years of writing via type- writer and editing, manually for major magazines, I became a 7-Eleven Franchise Owner in 1989. A year later, I joined the association. Roger Beazley schooled me on the office computer for the role of Editor of Soundwave.
One thing that remains etched in my brain is the phrase he uttered to me: “the magazine must create a franchisee community that is well- educated, knowledgeable and informed of all things related to franchising, legal matters, the relationship with their franchisor,
legislation, proposals, and regulations on a national, state and local level.” At the time, the magazine was a mere 6-10 pages, quarterly, and within a few years, I grew the advertising and text content to 36 and then 48 and 52, increasing advertising sales and revenue two and three- hundred percent.
Well, it’s over. Our beloved flagship magazine, Soundwave, “The Voice of the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York.” has been silenced by a vote from the Board of Directors. The Board’s perception of the magazine as a reliable method to communicate with its members has been dwindling for the last few years. Instead, they misbelieve that the website, email blasts, and face-to-face general membership meetings are more effective. However, those avenues fail to generate and grow revenue for the association to provide a vast number of functions, tasks, and events necessary to promote the association, properly. I believe holing up in a cocoon will not allow the morphing into a beautiful butterfly to occur. After all, growth does not flourish and mature in a vacuum.
However, the fate of magazines is apparent. With the advent of cellphones, social media, and the Internet, it is possible to get instant news and gratification. Print media is archaic and has been replaced by the digital word process.
Gen-Xers live in a media climate with significantly less printed materials, compared to decades before. They’re the first generation to rely on the Internet, especially on social media platforms, for news.
Likewise, the Board of Directors has concluded that the printed word on paper lags behind the digitalized
version or the availability to peruse a digital issue of Soundwave online without the cost and labor to physically produce it. Furthermore, email blasts to members, informing them of pertinent legislative issues, legal perspectives, NCASEF and Industry or Corporate News, is far swifter, timely, and useful. It is for these reasons this move makes sense.
These are challenging times for 7-Eleven franchisees. So too, for franchise owners’ associations. Revenue and memberships are down because of the stifling of the entrepre- neurial spirit, sales, and profit.
So long, Soundwave. n
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