Soundwave Magazine


Soundwave - Winter '20

'With this issue, we say goodbye to Soundwave.
Thanks for 40 years of enlightenment.'


Soundwave - Fall '19

'The 2019 Store Agreement is a major roadblock to our success!
And, that road to success is not always a smooth one.
But, don’t get stuck in a ditch.'


Soundwave - Summer '19

'7-Eleven’s Lab Store.
This is our Future. Can we regain the prominence
we once enjoyed in the coffee category?'


Soundwave - Spring '19

'This metal wheel concept signifies what the culture and subsequent relationship should be between franchisees and SEI.
Ultimately we are in a "partnership".
Together, we can fix this system!'


Soundwave - Winter '19

'Just as this waterfall has chilled and frozen over, so too has
our relationship with corporate on the national level.
Time to reset this relationship!'


Soundwave - Fall '18

'By now, each Franchisee has made his or her decision, greenlighting implementation of the new agreement. Now, we must look to the future and focus on our success.'


Soundwave - Summer/Fall '18

'June 15, 2018 FDD...
Governing the NEW 2019 Agreement 641 Pages,
Nearly Seven Pounds.'


Soundwave - Spring '18

'Unity is Strength.
And, it is essential to our success and very existence.'


Soundwave - Fall '17/ Winter '18

'2019 Franchise Agreement Proposals presented at
Town Hall Meeting on 12/4/2017.'


Soundwave - Spring/ Summer 2017

'This Franchisor-Franchisee relationship can be linked to this bi-polar nebula where one side operates differently from the other while engulfing the other’s nebulae.'

Fall 2016   

Soundwave - Summer/ Fall 2016

'Remembering... Ollie "Roger Beazley":
August 5, 1943 - September 4, 2016.'

Summer 2015   

Soundwave - Fall '15/ Winter 2016

'We look back at 2015 and the many successes:
And we Look ahead to 2016 and plan on many more.'

Summer 2015   

Soundwave - Summer 2015

'Just as the Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River to bring Brooklyn and Manhattan together, so too, will UFOLI, NY span our differences and bring corporate and franchisees together.'


Soundwave - Winter 2015

'The new paradigm has been turned on its head. The newest rhetoric from the Executive Team is optimistic. Will the "new paradigm"
re-emerge? Or, with recent history to rely on, will the new rhetoric develop into a "leap of faith" on our part?'


Soundwave - Spring 2014

'Rock climbers help each other. So too has UFOLI been helping franchisees over the past 34 years.'


Soundwave - Fall 2013

'Just as the fog obscures the forest's autumn trees... so too, is the murkiness of the agreements entered into by SEI, on our behalf.'


Soundwave - Spring 2013

'CLOSED for FIW Research.'



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